How to pay off mortgage - top 10 ways



To pay off a mortgage, follow these steps:

Determine the mortgage balance: Know the current outstanding balance on the mortgage loan.

Calculate monthly payment: Know the amount of your monthly mortgage payment, including principal and interest.

Make extra payments: Make additional payments toward the principal of the mortgage loan to reduce the overall balance.

Consider refinancing: Refinancing the mortgage loan at a lower interest rate can lower monthly payments and help pay off the mortgage faster.

Create a budget: Create a budget that includes all monthly expenses, including the mortgage payment, and determine areas where extra funds can be allocated toward paying off the mortgage.

Stick to the plan: Consistently make extra payments and stick to the budget to pay off the mortgage as quickly as possible.

Round up payments: Round up the monthly mortgage payment to the nearest hundred or thousand dollars to make extra payments toward the principal.

Apply windfalls: Apply extra income such as bonuses, tax refunds, or inheritance towards paying off the mortgage.

Make bi-weekly payments: Making half of the monthly payment every two weeks instead of once a month can reduce the mortgage term and save on interest.

Accelerated payment options: Some mortgage lenders offer accelerated payment options that allow borrowers to make extra payments or pay off the mortgage faster.

Avoid refinancing costs: Refinancing can be expensive, so it's important to consider the costs and benefits before deciding to refinance.

Pay off high-interest debt first: Paying off high-interest debt before making extra mortgage payments can save money on interest and help reduce overall debt faster.

Consider a 15-year mortgage: Opting for a 15-year mortgage instead of a 30-year mortgage can save on interest and pay off the mortgage faster.


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