"Lunch" - Premium Weight Loss Plan

 Follow This Plan Strictly:

Lunch {eat between 12pm to 3pm}

Drink 500ml water - {before lunch}

Eat Mixture of 2 Cucumber and 1 Beetroot (Salad) - {before Lunch}

Eat only 1 Corn Flour Flatbread {Makka Roti} with very little Butter


 1 small bowl Jeera rice

150gm - Choose Any One - Dry cooked vegetable {Preferred potato}


Yogurt with Cucumber {Raita} 100gram

Choose only One [ Split Grain (Daal) or Cooked vegetable with gravy 150grams ]

Go to Evening Snacks {eat between 4pm to 6pm}

 If Still You are Hungry and Feeling Cravings during the day then Eat This Go here

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